Comfort zone

When you speak from the space of your comfort zone,

Than you refuse to understand the reality of what others go through with respect to their hardships in life.


The real strength

It is better to be aware of your weak points rather than your strong ones,

It will save you a lot of time,

One must know as to how much he/she can bear in tough times,

It will give a clearance into what challenges of life you can accept despite their incoming failures,

And that will be your strength to walk upon irrespective of the outcome.


In a lifetime what hurts the most ,more than anything ,

It is when a soul murder itself ,

it kills the aura within that murders the whole concept of life with it,

Regardless of what the reasoning be ,

it cannot be big enough to suicide (self murder)

As the sole concept of death is based upon life itself ( without life , death has no meaning and existense of its own ) ,

than , is it not better and couragable,

to save feelings rather than killing them ourselves ,

to Grace moments by sharing them selflessly,

to live a lifetime

by loving it unconditionally .

Had everything would’ve been easy ,

than where would the purpose of life be ,

With struggles comes the Grace

and with Grace comes the harmony in the form of Balance itself,

Suicide is like tossing all the struggles of your ancestors in the garbage,

Before taking your own life just for once think,

If your ancestors would had done the same,

Would you had even existed to begin with,

And by taking your own life, you not only murder your forthcoming generation but also leaves your unbalanced essence behind that acts like a virus in the atmosphere which linger around and infect those who are seeking hope in their tough times,

Hence suicide becomes an unbreakable chain to this date,

Unless we take full responsibility of our actions as a whole society,

We will keep on looping around such consequences that comes at the cost of life itself.

Being alive

listen to the whisper in the air , in every moment when the air revolves around ,

Gently touching the leaves ,

As it carries the tales of centuries with it ,

Try to seek those tales of pain , joy and sorrow ,

in the manner of silence where feeling itself is a form to connect with single moment that is passing by,

it is when you suddenly gaze into the eyes of a soul ,

As if you can feel it all ,

the freewill ( feeling of intellect ) gifted to human kind alone ,

From trees to mountains ,

sun to moons ,

sand to the ocean

and from fire to the rain

everything is forced with a task to perform

except us humans , who has the freedom to feel and share moments , be it a day or night,

freedom to be together anytime and in any moment we desire ,

this freedom is the feeling of being alive ,

And if we choose to live in a selflish manner, suppressing each others freewill, than are we even alive to begin with,

if so , than what is a life without its purpose and celebration of existence ,

Life will become meaningless without the intent to connect through the essence of freewill itself,

To cherish life we must respect freewill at any cost.

The root of all problems

If a relationship doesn’t have sincerity in the form of honesty,

Then it’s survival goes through turmoil and torture,

Irrespective of who is sincere between the both,

Whether it is a marital relationship or a business agreement,

Truth cannot be hidden for long,

It has a tendency to find it’s own way to the ones being lied to,

Please help yourself by trying to not make excuses while lying,

You will not be able to hide it for long,

Universe operates in the form of transparency through the notion of reflection itself,

You can try hiding from yourself, but your shadow cannot be hidden,

Neither from yourself and not from the others either that you try to hide from,

Life is too short to play such games,

Try not to lose the chance you have received in the form of mercy,

If you do not respect it,

It can be gone like forever,

Respect everyones existence in the equal manner,

It is the only simplest thing we ask from one another isn’t it.