The traits of discrimination ( the actual racism) is all based on emotions,

And not on the basis of rationale,

What does that means,

That BLM is about perpetuating discrimination in the name of black supremacy,

Guns need to be taken away from police, that’s correct,

Police also needs retraining, true,

But defunding the police means fighting all emotional bullies that are looking for chaos, all alone by yourself is like trying to combat the whole army as a standalone,

No such thing as one man army, this rambo mentality also is a big problem when dealing with mobs of discriminators,

Government is tyranny worldwide but chaos in the name of race is like inviting a bigger tyranny than before by stripping out balance from the society that is barely able to keep it’s foot on the ground based on what cruelty is being spreaded worldwide upon daily basis by mentally disturbed individuals, which in today’s world make 99.9 percent,

Police is not the enemy, the system is, why, coz we are the real enemy of our own who runs away from accountability and responsibility all the freaking time,

Sheeples are truly those who wear the outfit of a sheep that appears to be following the crowd but they have the cunning mindset of a power hungry wolf,

Just coz they use the disguise of sheep’s persona, doesn’t actually means that they are not going to be harmless.

The Narcissism of Police Force

Blacks are the easy target for the trigger happy police force coz they don’t surrender, instead they challenge these again the trigger happy narcissists maniac police officers who ends up taking their lives in the name of law and justice,

These narc officers are like boys with toys but why are they like that,

It’s coz of you sheeples worldwide, as you all in the name of religion demand justice in the form of eye for an eye, blood for blood,

If you want these narc officers to behave like a grown man than you as sheeples have to change your perception first and understand what justice truly is,

Your take of asking for change is like empty shells on the sand that awaits for it to be dragged by the ocean in the nighttime, only to disappear with it tracks on the next day,

Like it never existed to begin with,

Stop the death sentence in the name of law and order, otherwise you stand for nothing.

Police Brutality

Police brutality is not a race issue,

Take a look closer it is an abuse of power (authority crises)

It happens worldwide,

Calling it a race issue is like seeking a mountain of snow within depth of the ocean itself

One must focus on contention first rather than only focusing on conviction alone for due process


Protesters are the real farce, they say rioters and looters are not our problem,

But they won’t admit that they these looters use them as a mask to hide among them,

Protesters are the polished sheeples who have always been running away from their responsiblity,

If you provide safe haven to these looters among you than you are as guilty as these looters, if not worse

A knife on the edge

when you train yourself to manipulate things so good around you that when you start to practice the same upon others, you actually think that are you correct in what you portray, whatever you do, think and share, which in real is the route of make believe culture, where your every lie becomes the anatomy of the figment of your unbalanced imagination, which ends up leading you into a mess of your unethical choices,

but on the flip side,if you truly choose the path of universal principles than your edge is where your actual journey begins, so don’t doubt yourself to walk upon the toughest path of your life, if you have the audacity to take the easy route just to create mess around and others for self loathing fulfillment, than you certainly have the courage within you to take the toughest route as well in order to fix things that you certainly have created a mess about.


You are a dream that I cannot stop dreaming about,

You are a rose that I cannot stop dwelling upon,

You are my heart that I cannot stop beating around,

You are my soul that my essence cannot stop feeling around,

You are the angel that I cannot stop flying with,

You are the breadth of my every moment that I cannot live without,

You are the butterfly that I cannot stop gazing about,

You are the ocean that I cannot detach from,

Since I am the one you have been waiting around,

As you are the harmony that I cannot stay alive within and without having you around.

Meaning of True power

If you have to learn one meaningful thing from the Creator himself out of many, what would that be?

It would be,that true power is all about having it but not using it to your advantage at all,

meaning, embrace the suffering that originates towards forming the harmony within rather than running away towards the other direction which is based upon fear and insecurity that accumulates to narrow vision and outlook of life itself.


You live on a lake that is a reflection of my heart,

It whispers the essence of my tears that bears the witness of our time apart,

My soul speaks through it,

For my heart, yearns like a burning desire that reflects in sparkles when you tear me apart,

Let the silence speak ,the rhythm it beats,

The air that whispers, will flourish it’s breeze,

There will be a day, when you will reflect back in love,

Breaking the barriers, that is keeping us apart.


You know , Sometimes the most beautiful things comes out of the sad stories,

All you have to do is embrace it and feel the true beauty that surrounds it,

Have you felt the essence of tears, it is just like a drop of water that pours down from the leaves to the ground,

Difference is, the water drops into the ground and merge with the mother nature to become one with it,

Where as tears drop in the ocean of silence preserving itself into the essence of memories,

It is the eternal momentum of Sadness that flourishes in the presence of suffering, pouring harmony all around it.


You cannot be faithful by crushing someone else’s faith in the process of it (just like you cannot built your own dreams by crushing the hope of other’s around)

True faith is all about seeking balance from within through the help of universal principles that surrounds us in the manner of One,

And we should never forget that when innocence is abused than silence begins to speak in motion.