The stranger


Those strange eyes,

Leaves so many unanswered questions behind,

standing all alone,

In the moment of silence,

gazing into the reflection

where the answer awaits,

For the shadow that still stands behind .



When it comes to love ,

We humans at first, shower everything at it ,

Like there is nothing else that matters,

But , when we fail in love , gets hurt by it ,

All we do is scratch our wounds,

By going against everything that hurts ,

We see pain as our enemy,

Pain that kept us alive ,

That gave us the strength to bear the suffering,

Through which we came more closer to our essence within,

And still we see pain like a monster that needs to be kept away until needed again towards healing ourselves,

Like use it and throw away , when done with it ,

Becoming exactly as same as the one person that treated you like a garbage , while you being in love with,

Next step, we seek healing by hurting everyone around in the manner of hurting ourselves the most,

Becoming ruthless and cold,

Even when universe sends you the gift towards healing in the form of another person,

What we do with it,

Use them and hurt them in the coldest manner possible ,

All for what, a validation to yourself ,

That you have learn the means to play with emotions,

Like yours was once played by,

Is it worth to keep on scratching the old wounds by destroying yourself and everyone around you in the process of it,


Accept the healing and embrace the grace that comes to you with open arms.

A fall in Grace

If you truly love someone,

Then you do not become the road block of their lives,

Let them be ,

Who they are,

And who they want to be,

If you try to come in their way,

It is not love but your wants,

There is only one love that truly exists,

It is none but unconditional,

Even if the person do not loves you back,

So what, your love should not be conditional,

What should matter the most is that the person you love exists,

Even if he/she is in love with someone else,

Your Grace should not be dependent on the other person’s love coming back to you,

Who says true love rest in happiness,

The path of unconditional love is full of pain,

Sometimes it is in the form of smiles,

Sometime it pours in tears,

Let your sincerity be the guide to the path of your inner reflection itself,

Do not fear the unconditional,

It is only there to help you shine ,

While you fall and rest in grace.

Unlimited fertility

Sex is an art of grace in the form of lust itself,

Questioning the gesture of sharing it selflessly with multiple wives is considered as an immoral act ,

As Male’s are gifted with unlimited fertility, which is to be shared with more female partners, when needed and desired,

Society is creating a barrier (for Male’s) between what you are and who you are choosing to be under the influence of men made limited perceptions in the name of conservative culture,

Such practice leads to further chaos in the life of individuals who do not get to explore themselves and their purpose of life ,

Which is to balance others around when needed (namely women when it comes to sex),

It is what unlimited fertility is and it is given to Male’s for this specific reason,

Rather than celebrating,

We suppressed it , in the name of monogamous culture,

Outcome is clear, majority of married man seek extra marital affairs,

And when they are caught ,

Wives end up leaving them ,

Saying it clearly,

That if I am as your wife is not the owner of your unlimited fertlity,

Then you are not good enough and not loyal enough to be my husband ,

Such limited thinking only leads to the destruction of relationships and families all over the globe,

Which is the current state of affair in majority of the household everywhere,

Until we accept the nature of unlimited fertlity and the reasoning of it’s existense,

We cannot move and evolve into forming a better society,

You can never put the brakes of limitation upon something that is unlimited in nature to begin with,

Otherwise all you do is hurt yourself and others around in the process of controlling it.

Giving up

Ever wonder why pain never knocks onto our door before stepping in ,

And If it did ,

Would we had let it in ,

Even though it’s only purpose of existence is to make us come alive from within,

Man’s are lonely just like mountains,

Whose job is to evoke their grace from within ,

Through the help of the harmony that revolves around it in the form of clouds,

In the hour of solace when mountains shed tears ,

It ends up forming into a beautiful lake ,

Running away from ourselves,

In the hour of pain is like running away from your own shadow, your tears that only pours from within to heal ,

Life is not meaningless as we make out of it ,

Especially in the hour of need,

All we need is to focus on people,

Observe them ,

Their walk, their efforts , their sincerity,

Their whole existence,

And ask ourselves ,

Is it not worth to live for ,

To keep on walking with everyone,

Is the existence of grace not enough of a reasoning to seek healing in every moment , with the help of others around ,

By only focusing on our own individual pain ,

All we do is give up on the notion of life itself with it’s due process,

When all it was doing is asking for us to come alive from within only to connect in the form of pain itself .


Invest into moments , no matter what the cost ,

As Moments multiply faster than any back account ,

And their ripple effects comes with ever lasting memories,

Only If your intent is in sync with the harmony that resides within,

Sure money is important,

But , what is the true worth of it ,

If you do not have those moments of peace for which you make the money for ,

Utilize money a a tool to share grace in your life ,

So it can reflect back in the form of harmony itself.


Everything exist for a reason,

Rather than killing them,

How about we should try preserving them ,

It is our narrow vision that we destroy the living beings of other kinds around us for the sake of our temporary needs and wants ,

Not once we think that they are the integral part of our planet to help us to thrive in the form balance itself.