The traits of discrimination ( the actual racism) is all based on emotions,

And not on the basis of rationale,

What does that means,

That BLM is about perpetuating discrimination in the name of black supremacy,

Guns need to be taken away from police, that’s correct,

Police also needs retraining, true,

But defunding the police means fighting all emotional bullies that are looking for chaos, all alone by yourself is like trying to combat the whole army as a standalone,

No such thing as one man army, this rambo mentality also is a big problem when dealing with mobs of discriminators,

Government is tyranny worldwide but chaos in the name of race is like inviting a bigger tyranny than before by stripping out balance from the society that is barely able to keep it’s foot on the ground based on what cruelty is being spreaded worldwide upon daily basis by mentally disturbed individuals, which in today’s world make 99.9 percent,

Police is not the enemy, the system is, why, coz we are the real enemy of our own who runs away from accountability and responsibility all the freaking time,

Sheeples are truly those who wear the outfit of a sheep that appears to be following the crowd but they have the cunning mindset of a power hungry wolf,

Just coz they use the disguise of sheep’s persona, doesn’t actually means that they are not going to be harmless.

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