The Narcissism of Police Force

Blacks are the easy target for the trigger happy police force coz they don’t surrender, instead they challenge these again the trigger happy narcissists maniac police officers who ends up taking their lives in the name of law and justice,

These narc officers are like boys with toys but why are they like that,

It’s coz of you sheeples worldwide, as you all in the name of religion demand justice in the form of eye for an eye, blood for blood,

If you want these narc officers to behave like a grown man than you as sheeples have to change your perception first and understand what justice truly is,

Your take of asking for change is like empty shells on the sand that awaits for it to be dragged by the ocean in the nighttime, only to disappear with it tracks on the next day,

Like it never existed to begin with,

Stop the death sentence in the name of law and order, otherwise you stand for nothing.

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