Sushant Singh Rajput

Is he going to get justice, that’s what everyone is after but no one questions the timing of his murder,

Why was he targeted in a pandemic of a virus?

What is a pandemic, an excuse to murder all unwanted people who are burden on the system of the whole world, so basically pandemic is a created opportunity to kill old folks who are costly to the medical system worldwide,

Also an excuse to murder all those who plays no benefit in the 21st century and to those who can be harmful towards the Artificial intelligence takeover plan for future which requires an excuse like pandemic to over by creating a huge gap in an Economy that is dependent only on human hand so far,

Are we that primitive and naive as to not see why and how we react in situations that has been long studied by these so called elites who control the world and they keep on maneuvering it in any direction that suits their plan of worldwide slavery,

Pandemic killed many in India on purpose under the regime of Indian government, and is still killing but for that purpose there will be outrage to follow upon,

Distract and execute is an old method to plan things on a global scale in every part of the world,

Where they look for psychological Play to carry out their ongoing execution,

Sushant was murdered coz the government needed distraction to move forward, he was a decent soul who seeked balanced approach to life and being a public figure made him an easy target to create distraction in the plan of a mass murder event and artificial intelligence take over in the name of so called pandemic,

Where paranoia is the best weapon as a back up plan to successful execution, just incase if pandemic slows the death rate down worldwide,

Same is the case with black lives matter that is being used during pandemic for the sole purpose of distraction, only to get things done for what purpose the virus itself was created for,

No virus exists without a cure, but it will only be truly available when these elites decides,

However what these elites do not know is that their days are numbered coz universe has begun to wrap things up, bunkers and another planet will not save them anymore,

In all this Sushant was used for distraction and so was George floyd, it was well planned in advance long ago, with back up plans in place,

When are we going to wake up in a collective manner to realize that we live in an organized slavery of matrix between elites and feminism that is sucking our time by the choice of our own weakness which creates a tool of mechanism for them to treat us like puppets,

We are already living under the regime of One world government who knows and understand how the human psychology will react in most particular situation created solely for to advance their agenda,

Just like throw a bone infront of a dog or a sugar infront of the ants, the reaction is always predictable isn’t it,

Everyone says look at the bigger picture but how many do actually even try to look at or even care about it.


When a woman enters into a room full of man ,

She seduces them all ,

If a man enters the room full of women ,

He cannot even seduce one out of many in the whole room ,

Mans were never designed to chase or pursue womens as they do not have the art of seduction within them ,

It’s the women’s that are designed to seduce mans by chasing , approaching and pursuing them as the initial first step

And in today’s time when 10 percent of real mans who dont chase women are being constantly shamed from every corner, they are frequently deemed as Losers ,

The notion of good looking attractive man is fake, mans are not suppose to be seen attractive upon their looks and build,

Real mans are always known for their characters and their firm grounds of ethical principle, which was the true form of attraction that still exist in some out of many ,

Bottom line , man cannot seduce a woman without her permission,

Where as women doesn’t require one to seduce a man.


Sperms are not just the essence of life itself , they also carry the meaning of existence with it ,

The information, the memory, the enhanced knowledge that it comes with ,

Brings a responsibility that connects to the evolution of seeking the infinite knowledge,

A universe that lies within is the reflection of our surrounding, which is above and beyond ,

Desperate to Connect only to create , one moment after the other ,

A moment that flows and revolves ,

All towards harmony, for the sake of balance to resolve,

Is there any better reasoning to preserve the sperms ,

No Fap means to not waste life and the infinite knowledge that comes with it ,

To preserve is to survive,

And To share is to thrive .


Male’s are not good at processing things at a pace that women are,

That’s why it takes centuries for mountains to built to a certain height ,

Where women as oceans are always processing non stop in a constantly flow,

Flipping and over lapping,

At a level of persistence that cannot be matched or kept up with , by any man,

That’ why women require balance in the form of mountains as man’s,

A Request to Ladies , give man’s sometime to process with the offer you approach them with ,

As they require a little extra time or sometimes a bit more, to handle your gracious pace that you carry within ,

Having said that , man’s are also not good at the waiting game either , just FYI

Ever wonder, why the ocean keeps on smashing on the rock with its level of persistency , and never cease to give up ,

Well , now you why ,

The more direct you are with man’s, the better it is , since man’s are not good reading , whether signs or clues , they might not understand it and take it that you are not interested,

For example you are attracted to and you feel the need to have sex with him , say it the way it is ,

Otherwise both will loose time and each other in the game of guessing ,

Man’s only understand directness , that’s how they are designed by nature .


Lust is life ,

It entices you when you ignore it ,

And provokes you more when you give into it ,

So how do we balance it ,

By shaming tactic that society approaches in the form of oppression, courtesy of female culture,

Or allow it to be expressed and intake freely between the 2 genders in the manner of cuddling among strangers ,

Based on first sight of affection on the roots of sensual grounds ,

Males are the extension of females lust ,

And there is no other way around it , shaming man’s lust is equal to shaming your own existence.

The drama between the two genders

Males are direct and straight forward ,

Women on the other are always indirect ,

Why ,

Coz they love to shit test guys ,

That is , If he can actually take their drama and play along or will fall out ,

And that’s a test that mostly guys pass ,

Since they struggle with concept of masculinity in today’s day and age ,

For those ( males ) who fail the stupid test and lack materialism on top of it

Are most likely going to end up alone,

Perhaps more often in the strip clubs,

Where some touch of passion can be felt as long as their pocket stays warm ,

After that it’s a long and lonely road that never ends .

Strippers (hookers)

Where should a man go ,

When all the doors of solace is closed for seeking pleasure and comfort,

It is the doors of strip clubs that only remains open ,

Where strippers knows and understand more about sharing their energy and value the importance of the man’s need to share their lust in the form of grace for which they cannot live without and can only go without it for so long ,

Even if it’s the dire need that put these women there ,

Atleast they allow themselves to be available for those who had been sighted out by the Society for the lack of having financial security and stability in their lives ,

Offcourse There are certain risks involved in such areas of open connection that has the potential of causing physical harm,

But at some point, one can suppress its needs only for so long ,

Strippers are more of a human being than any regular women out there who shut the door upon their existing relations in the hour of need.

Those who look down upon strippers , have no respect for themselves or others around either,

Being open is the most courageous aspect of life in such profession, One can only see and learn from them as how to embrace the reality irrespective of how bitter the outcome may become,Such courage and openness is rare to come across ,

Sure there is a negative aspect of strip club , as it costs too much for an average person to afford and fulfill their need to touch a woman ,

Than again , who is responsible for all this ,

If not us , than who.

The shaming culture

The sole purpose for the creation of man’s is to balance women,

There is no other reasoning for man’s to exist ,

The sooner man’s realize this , the better and not the other way around,

Women’s are the combination of every single thing that exists in the universe ,

A complete form of harmony that resides within them ,

That’s why males come through women and for women in the manner of grace ,

Where as sex between the two genders is an expression of grace in the form of feelings to generate harmony in the atmosphere in order for balance to prevail and thrive ,

However, it has always been challenging for man’s to serve their purpose,

Their attraction towards women and their sexual desires to share the grace they earn and yearn to share is being ashamed as,

perverts, creeps , hungry, good for nothing , disgusting,

Hence lust is termed as a form of some dark entity and hunger it’s sole tool of being termed as predatory behaviour ,

Sex is nothing but an art to Express and share feelings ,

Man’s survive for two simple needs out of their necessity when they wake up in the morning ,

Food and unconditional love ,

Hence they eat and go out to seek for it ,

However in today’s day and age ,

The shaming culture has done nothing but to create a chaos and punishment for expressing the desire towards sex ,

The art of love making is the best gift of the universe to seek harmony from one another,

It is the most alive feeling in the whole planet ,

Today’s Women walking on the streets are choosing to be in the state of denial of expressing such desires ,

They walk across man’s like they do not exist ,

It is considered an offence if a unattractive featured Male approach a women and more so if she is highly desirable

All man’s are asked to do is suppress their feelings and desire to make love when they see women around them ,

Where as women are allowed to provoke such feelings in man’s in every day of life , through their sex appeal,

If hunger in males is considered such a criminal attribute in man’s approach than why even try to invoke it ,

Offcourse the argument will always be boy’s will be boy’s,

Than again , isn’t what they are here for, to make love to women,

As far as good looks and money are concerned regarding man’s appeal,

It is nothing but a limited perception to block one’s feeling to experience the grace that the universe is willing to offer to the gender of women ,

In the end it is how you feel that matters the most,

Good looks and money in the scenario of Male’s existence does not really exist ,

The only appeal in terms of man that exists is sincerity ,

It is what stays after smokes and mirrors whether in a monogamous or in an open relationship,

Yet as of now , the shaming culture that knows nothing but to judge has created a hollow between the two gender ,

Solution is simple,

Women are designed to seduce man’s and not the other way around,

Male approaching women will never make sense in the human world,

Coz man’s will always fail due to the art of seduction that lack within them by nature’s design ,

The sooner females accept this reality, the better it will become,

Society is in motion to break the monogamous culture , than why holding onto it ,

Males unlimited fertility will always seek more than one partner , holding it as a hostage only leads to breakdown,

We are already in delay,

And time stops for no one ,

Or this shaming culture will destroy the last hope of any harmony we seek in our day to day lives .


Man’s and monogamy cannot co exist with each other,

Coz man’s are not built that way , they are made to be shared by multiple women with respect to their unlimited fertility,

Monogamy is a perception that males of today’s generation are being suppressed through,

What happens next is the blame game ,

Reality is , males cannot survive against the nature of their needs ,

Punishing males for acting according to their nature is severely punishing yourself to the point of destruction.