Sushant Singh Rajput

Is he going to get justice, that’s what everyone is after but no one questions the timing of his murder,

Why was he targeted in a pandemic of a virus?

What is a pandemic, an excuse to murder all unwanted people who are burden on the system of the whole world, so basically pandemic is a created opportunity to kill old folks who are costly to the medical system worldwide,

Also an excuse to murder all those who plays no benefit in the 21st century and to those who can be harmful towards the Artificial intelligence takeover plan for future which requires an excuse like pandemic to over by creating a huge gap in an Economy that is dependent only on human hand so far,

Are we that primitive and naive as to not see why and how we react in situations that has been long studied by these so called elites who control the world and they keep on maneuvering it in any direction that suits their plan of worldwide slavery,

Pandemic killed many in India on purpose under the regime of Indian government, and is still killing but for that purpose there will be outrage to follow upon,

Distract and execute is an old method to plan things on a global scale in every part of the world,

Where they look for psychological Play to carry out their ongoing execution,

Sushant was murdered coz the government needed distraction to move forward, he was a decent soul who seeked balanced approach to life and being a public figure made him an easy target to create distraction in the plan of a mass murder event and artificial intelligence take over in the name of so called pandemic,

Where paranoia is the best weapon as a back up plan to successful execution, just incase if pandemic slows the death rate down worldwide,

Same is the case with black lives matter that is being used during pandemic for the sole purpose of distraction, only to get things done for what purpose the virus itself was created for,

No virus exists without a cure, but it will only be truly available when these elites decides,

However what these elites do not know is that their days are numbered coz universe has begun to wrap things up, bunkers and another planet will not save them anymore,

In all this Sushant was used for distraction and so was George floyd, it was well planned in advance long ago, with back up plans in place,

When are we going to wake up in a collective manner to realize that we live in an organized slavery of matrix between elites and feminism that is sucking our time by the choice of our own weakness which creates a tool of mechanism for them to treat us like puppets,

We are already living under the regime of One world government who knows and understand how the human psychology will react in most particular situation created solely for to advance their agenda,

Just like throw a bone infront of a dog or a sugar infront of the ants, the reaction is always predictable isn’t it,

Everyone says look at the bigger picture but how many do actually even try to look at or even care about it.


You live on a lake that is a reflection of my heart,

It whispers the essence of my tears that bears the witness of our time apart,

My soul speaks through it,

For my heart, yearns like a burning desire that reflects in sparkles when you tear me apart,

Let the silence speak ,the rhythm it beats,

The air that whispers, will flourish it’s breeze,

There will be a day, when you will reflect back in love,

Breaking the barriers, that is keeping us apart.

Irony of humanity

Humans choose to live in fear throughout their lives,

And than they choose to even die with it,

For what?

Fame, money and fortune,

A sence of false security that does not exists to begin with,

But we still rush towards it,

Neglecting only one thing in the process that we are alive for,

Which is nothing but a connection,

The only thing we need and want to feel the warmth of our essence within.

What is greed

Anything that you desire to have it for yourself entirely, turns a person greedy,

Take luxury for example,

Living a luxurious life is a manifestation of greed vs the simple life is all about sharing,

Wearing diamonds and golds or driving an expensive car like a jewellery is an act of being proud of your ego,

That only creates a distance between you and your essence(the distance between intelligence and the intellect itself),

Outcome is total absence from the connectivity of unconditional love(the source of balance itself in the form of struggles),

Such a detachment creates a wider gap in the society between people,

It is a perfect recipe to spread chaos among each other,

Greed is against any concept of sharing whatsoever, when it comes to survival of any kind,

The more we spread the virus of greed in our society,

The more we lose our true purpose of existence with it,

Which is to become One and stay persistent upon it by not allowing greedy detachment of any kind among ourselves to begin with,

There is no other solution toward it,

Than the path of simplicity itself.

The wanderer

The essence within us is the wanderer,

It needs and requires the liberty to feel free and travel around in order to connect,

From centuries in the name of religion, borders, boundaries and currencies, all we have done is entrapped the wanderer within us in the form of suppression,

We hunted and killed those free spirit beings in the societies all over the globe because of the fear of loosing discipline that was formed upon the bases of oppression in the manner of suppression itself,

What followed next as a karmic consequence was the war among countries,

When the body stops breathing, it develops a chaos within to free itself by ripping apart into pieces, just to breath the air within,

Similarly when the essence within is suppressed, it will go to any length to free itself from the slavery of discipline that comes in it’s way to wander around in order to seek itself from within,

Question is, is it worth it to allow yourself and especially your own essence to be trapped in the name of men made disciplines that is only keeping us away to discover ourselves from wiithin,

Have we learned anything at all that the books of religion of any kind never said anything about entraping the freewill of any being in the name of discipline,

any ethical book out there had always warned us the consequences of our actions that multiplies into the society in the form of reaction,

As of why we are still lost in these evolutionary times (despite all the materialism around we are surrounded by), it is the result of misconception and misunderstanding those books by trying to quote them with the limited perception of our minds,

Outcome is, we are still like an empty vessel from within despite being in each precious moment of grace we sail through every second of our lives,

our essence is in the chaos of confusion despite traveling around, whether we travel from one land to another, or sharing essence from being to beings in the form of intimate ravel,

Because there are others out there in majority who are still entrapped and being killed on daily basis , since they choose to wander in territories (land of spirituality) which is keeping them away to practice their own freewill that brings them closer to their essence,

Such a consequence is upon all those who supports the concept of suppression in the unethical realm of men made borders and boundaries supported by the enhanced tool of poverty in the name of currencies worldwide(meaning any kind of wall that keeps any being away to practice its essence in any peaceful manner, such a wall is considered a shield that keeps one to seek itself from the essence of others around)

Wanderers require freewill to seek and understand their purpose,

As without it they feel lost and confused like animals who do not understand the purpose of their existence to begin with,

Every child is a wanderer and it will always be our true nature no matter what, it is the only medium that is known to mankind for its survival in harmony,

There is no other way around it, despite all the struggles it comes with,

It is, what it is.

Drugs and substance abuse

You are a coward , if you use drugs and abuse substances of any kind(marijuana, alcohol etc)to emotionally balance yourself,

All you are doing is running away from yourself and struggles in life that comes in the manner of hardship,Since you assume pain as a form of self inflicted misery,

Such unbalanced practice leads to irrational outcomes in your lives,

And it is no one but you who is completely responsible for it,

Any amount of grace knocks on your door,

You see that as a burden,

Why,because grace comes with a form of responsiblilty only to help you bring back to balance of life again,

And you see that as a curse to be back upon,

So, instead you decide to stay in the world of illusions by complete destroying yourself and the responsiblity of life that comes with it,

Such a notion is beyond any amount of shame,

By seeing your own existence as a curse or taking your own life is an outcome of nothing but a cowardish behavior, which does nothing but spreads around like a virus from one person to the other.

The Presence

When the art itself melts (tears are formed in the manner of pain and suffering that seeks love from within),

It is where the presence of the Artist is felt the most (the eternal beauty in the form of the unconditional),

Through the feeling of sincerity that lies in the form of transparency within, and in that moment the love of the Artist becomes the art of healing itself,

Tears are a beauty that only pours love from within,

Embrace their presence with whole heart rather than seeing them as a notion of suffering.

Intoxicated parents

Nothing more hurts to see than the a small innocent kid raised by parents is being told not to enjoy and cherish as how he/she pleases to in their lives .

Such innocence is being destroyed by those who do not deserve to raise a kid in any circumstance, until they learn how to do so ,

They are the one of the integeral reasoning behind all this Millennial mess ,

where these kids are not sure , where to start educating themselves about the purpose of their existence and the Karmic world they thrive in .

Children should be kept away from these kind of parents at all times until they are adult enough to see how screwed up by choice their parents are to begin with.

Every child is as innocent as a flower that only seeks to reflect in the innocence of how unconditional they are from within.


You are the wound that heals within,

You are the night that wispers ,

You are the Aura that shines ,

Just Like a heart that beats within ,

You are the sound that echoes ,

Like a ocean that quietly dwells within,

You are the Ray ( of fire ) that reflects ,

Just Like a morning of hope that arises within ,

Yes , you are the silence that speaks ,

Like a lightening that strikes from within .

The victim mentality

The nature of being a victim all the time in our mind ,

Means no concept of accountability for oneself ,

Lack of self respect and dignity ,

Torn between illusion and unfulfilled fantasies,

Always Manipulating one’s way around to get things done ,

Once the cycle of such viciousness begins ,

Where does it end or does it ever ,

Such Vindictive lives of our times ,

We procreate ourselves with .