You body looses it’s natural born alarm of sensitivity to warn you about the virus due to smoking and drinking,

Corona is spreading through airborne and a balance immune warns you right away through the signal of cough regarding the presence of virus in the air while being in the indoor environment,

The moment you cough, it is your body warning you to leave and get out of indoor,as it fighting back the virus in order to not get compromised,

However if you do not have a balanced immune system than you allow the virus to take over absence warning,

Stay outdoor and stay away from smoking, alcohol and red meat except for goat meat that is considered a lean red meat which can be consumed a little bit and so same goes for chicken and fish in moderation,

Any other animal meat will further damage the immune system as it already has been doing even before the pandemic,

Stay in balance by consuming healthy diet and chances are that you can survive this pandemic without the fear of being compromised by it.

Sushant Singh Rajput

Is he going to get justice, that’s what everyone is after but no one questions the timing of his murder,

Why was he targeted in a pandemic of a virus?

What is a pandemic, an excuse to murder all unwanted people who are burden on the system of the whole world, so basically pandemic is a created opportunity to kill old folks who are costly to the medical system worldwide,

Also an excuse to murder all those who plays no benefit in the 21st century and to those who can be harmful towards the Artificial intelligence takeover plan for future which requires an excuse like pandemic to over by creating a huge gap in an Economy that is dependent only on human hand so far,

Are we that primitive and naive as to not see why and how we react in situations that has been long studied by these so called elites who control the world and they keep on maneuvering it in any direction that suits their plan of worldwide slavery,

Pandemic killed many in India on purpose under the regime of Indian government, and is still killing but for that purpose there will be outrage to follow upon,

Distract and execute is an old method to plan things on a global scale in every part of the world,

Where they look for psychological Play to carry out their ongoing execution,

Sushant was murdered coz the government needed distraction to move forward, he was a decent soul who seeked balanced approach to life and being a public figure made him an easy target to create distraction in the plan of a mass murder event and artificial intelligence take over in the name of so called pandemic,

Where paranoia is the best weapon as a back up plan to successful execution, just incase if pandemic slows the death rate down worldwide,

Same is the case with black lives matter that is being used during pandemic for the sole purpose of distraction, only to get things done for what purpose the virus itself was created for,

No virus exists without a cure, but it will only be truly available when these elites decides,

However what these elites do not know is that their days are numbered coz universe has begun to wrap things up, bunkers and another planet will not save them anymore,

In all this Sushant was used for distraction and so was George floyd, it was well planned in advance long ago, with back up plans in place,

When are we going to wake up in a collective manner to realize that we live in an organized slavery of matrix between elites and feminism that is sucking our time by the choice of our own weakness which creates a tool of mechanism for them to treat us like puppets,

We are already living under the regime of One world government who knows and understand how the human psychology will react in most particular situation created solely for to advance their agenda,

Just like throw a bone infront of a dog or a sugar infront of the ants, the reaction is always predictable isn’t it,

Everyone says look at the bigger picture but how many do actually even try to look at or even care about it.


You are a dream that I cannot stop dreaming about,

You are a rose that I cannot stop dwelling upon,

You are my heart that I cannot stop beating around,

You are my soul that my essence cannot stop feeling around,

You are the angel that I cannot stop flying with,

You are the breadth of my every moment that I cannot live without,

You are the butterfly that I cannot stop gazing about,

You are the ocean that I cannot detach from,

Since I am the one you have been waiting around,

As you are the harmony that I cannot stay alive within and without having you around.

Being selfless

Is it really so hard to be selfless or is it the fear of being taken advantage of, that makes human’s despise their innocence,

We as new borns are never afraid to show how needy we are, but as we grow older, all we human’s do is play the game of hide and seek only to hide our true emotions that resides within in the form of genuine expressions,

It is nothing but the misconception of a human mind with the icing of men made perception that make us human’s a slave of our insecurities in the manner of fear itself,

Otherwise living selfless is not only the best but also the most high form of freedom of expression that exists on this planet,

Take a look at our planet, it is the most selfless essence in existence,

From water to food, every basic survival is selflessly available for us humans to thrive upon,

Yet we still do not choose to learn a single thing from our planet and it’s environment,

Being selfless do not means to give everything away, it only means not to keep extra that do not belongs to be kept and withhold by you in terms of money and resources that most people use it as a form of luxury to run away from struggles in life,

Life in general is not about being happy or to be in joy all the time, it is about struggles to seek balance within each passing moment,

Happiness is just an illusion that only exists in the life of those who constantly ignore the harsh reality of others around by hiding behind their comfort zone that they had build upon other people’s time and hard work.

Living selflessly is the only way we can help ourselves awakened from the life of a comfort zone that society has always focused to brainwash every newborn who has been brought up on this planet irrespective of the timezone they have lived,

If we do not challenge the materialistic life we allow ourselves to get used to, than all we are doing is wasting our time on this planet that is given for a reason which is tied to a specific purpose based on the realm of the eternity,

What we do in the now and how, is what follows us in the forever and hereafter,

Whether we agree with it or not, if we exist in the now than we cannot deny the fact that it is heading somewhere and with it, so are we.

Your flaws are your real beauty

Your flaws is what you truly are made of,

They define your innocence within,

Getting rid of them or hiding them is like hiding and seeking escape from yourself completely (unless if you are overweight by choice than it not a flaw but if you use a lot of makeup or cosmetic to change your appearance to seek fake validation),

Or changing them into perfection is equal to loosing yourself entirely in the process of it,

What will be left after that is an object of obsession in the illusion of perfection,

It is all there will be and nothing of yourself will survive or cease to exist anymore,

Even your own image will became alienated towards your own reflection,

Be careful of your unrealistic desires that can lead to isolation from within,

It is better to be isolated by the world around you than to be isolated by your own reflection,

You might win the world temporarily by getting of your rid of your flaws but you can permanently be empty by alienating yourself entirely from your own essence within,

Such a life is like an empty shell that awaits for its lost pearl to be found that never existed to begin with.

Toxic Friends

Toxic friends will always be the problem in your life,

Since you do not allow your own inner guidance to help you through in life,

Your so called friends will always destroy any harmony that will come your way as you allow them to do so,

In today’s time the meaning of friendship circle is all about how lost the whole circle can become by misguiding each other to the extent of point of no return,

The world is cruel, but that doesn’t mean that you have to add more cruelty to it,

Yet, all these majority of friendship circle is destroying whatever peace is left in the name of consuming drugs, alcohol and hell bent on eliminating any form of peace within that is trying to help them, by rebelling against the process (consciousness) of inner guidance to begin with,

You cannot save those who are not interested to be saved,

If they are hell bent on destroying themselves than there is nothing you can do about it,

Even if your own soulmate is involved in it,

Infront of freewill every thing on this planet is helpless,

Thing about path to destruction is, it can only be stopped by the same people who are walking upon it,

Toxic friends appears to be the most reliable people in your lives, as long as they have something to benefit from you, they will stand by your side,

These kind of friendship can be formed from a childhood circle of friendship and it gains speed into individuals lives due to the pressure and expectation culture of society, where the individuals seek escape in loosing their own heritage and identity through substance abuse,

Society is setting up these individual and groups of friends to self destruct themselves in the manner of rebellion mindset and these toxic individual friendship towards each other is leaving no stone unturned to make that come true,

From drug culture to rebellion songs, whatever these lost people insert within them is what they put out in the universe to reflect back upon themselves and when it does reflects back on them, they seek escape instead of confronting themselves and realizing that they are the part of the problem and their narrow vision of seeking materialism as an ultimate goal in life is nothing but an illusion which will lead them to the point of life that will become hard in each passing day when they grow older and older,

Hope is, that these individuals wake up from their nightmare path by embracing the harmony within which attracts them to their soulmate who will not only bring balance in their life but a guidance to walk upon it as well,

Otherwise the vicious circle of doom will keep on repeating itself and these individuals will carry on destroying themselves in the name of friendship that serves nothing but invites a life long misery in the manner of temporary comfort that is based upon nothing but a ground which is full of illusions.

How to be an opportunity for others

life is not about ignoring people, life is about accepting the challenge that people come with a baggage and intention of using you but you be graceful and let them use you to their benefit,

Once karma reflects, the user will be awakened and you are here in that position to let them use you for a purpose of enlightening them,

Meaning you are a helping hand in the universe,

Let them use you to a certain point as much as you can afford to provide them with the leisure of it, just do not go overboard upon it either by giving away everything financially,

If we keep such users (including our loved and beloved ones) away from ourselves than we will not evolve as they won’t wake up due to that,

Someone has to use someone to realize their unbalanced path, they are walking upon,

Universe allows us to use its resources so that we can understand the meaning of gratitude which humbles us down to the level of grounding ourselves with appreciation,

That is how we grow and evolve into a being, but to become human we must learn from the ethics of universe and be there for others to utilize us, in order for them to find their innocence within themselves and realize that sharing is the key towards the solution of all our problems,

From here onwards how we intend to carry it further is where our peace awaits in the form of balance itself.

High on life or the unbalanced future

Being high in life is all about the process of it, by being in the moment and aligning oneself towards preserving the balance of universe,

Current society and their culture of expectation in today’s time is all about backward thinking that resides in the manner of insecurities all around us,

We are constantly chasing the easy way out by injecting drugs and substances in ourselves to unleash that high which we can do it organically by working upon from within without the abuse of substances,

Of course taking the organic way takes time to built that connection with the universe as it requires persistent walk to work on the route of universal ethics,

Where as men made ethics is all about chasing materialism, whether it is fast cars, diamonds or glitters of wealth that is built upon the sweat of others hard work and time, only to fulfil the unethical dreams of those who has decided to take departure from the reality itself, which amounts to attract boredom in their lives,

Household and education system of today’s both thrive upon suppression, constantly brainwashing the children through pressure and glitters of fake dreams that has nothing to do with inner peace and harmony,

Constantly under pressure young generation seeks drugs and find their solace within the substance abuse for the sake of their survival towards the high expectations of their parents,

Parents are more worried about their children watching porn rather than worrying about what they are injecting in themselves for survival,

And once the habit of substance prevails, the manipulation of seeking easy way settles down in the youth where they completely loose touch with universal ethics,

This is the future we are heading towards,

A future of lies, deceit and manipulation where survival will eventually come to a point of a stand still.

Soul mate of today’s and their horrific conclusion

We live in the most horrific times, when it comes to soul mate in today’s world,

Where two people meet who are meant to be with each other for the span of their lifetime,

But end up leaving each other in many cases of modern relationships, as one out of the two sees less of a value of the existence towards the other,

Today women are flying high in that pedestal where man’s were once in the relationship (the hierarchy),

Women have started to see things through the lens of practicality which correlates to financial stability and security (the fear of future and desired materialism),

Hence soul mates depart from each other when a woman decides to go for the high value Male leaving her soul mate behind in most cases,

And she returns when awakened from her delusion, trying to get back to her soul mate, where odds are very slim, either he doesn’t exist anymore or he is caught up in his life of responsiblity of taking care of his spouse and his children,

Yet he feels very incomplete in his life (in every moment) without his soulmate,

This is what has been happening past three to four decades a lot more than usual,

And no one is teaching the current generation to stop repeating this horrific cycle,

Society is constantly brainwashing women to think that there is more to life than a soul mate connection,

Fact is if your soul mate is not right next to you, than even having everything in the whole world means nothing,

That feeling of empty within lingers and dwells deeper each passing day,

Money, status, children are important but they stand no value infront of the existence of your soul mate,

If you end up loosing them for the trade of materialism than the road ahead is full of regrets,

Do not do this to yourself, if you still have each other to celebrate,

Leaving your soul mate is nothing but the recipe of self inflicted misery that ends up in prolong isolation,

Do not leave your soul mate, there is nothing better out there but fake charms of materialism that fades away with time only to move on and destroy others in the process of it with a never ending chain of chaos,

Out of that loneliness only some survives, rests had always been dragged along to loose the motivation that they once had in them to seek balance in life.

Inside the mind of an addict

The purpose of drug is to dilute the reality of your balance by playing mind games of delusion upon your existing reality,

It plays the rhythm of manipulation by dissecting into your persona for an easy sell to reach out your goals that you desire the most deep within(unrealistic desires that has nothing to do with harmony if fulfilled by unethical means),

Those unfulfilled desires tries to build a scam, plotting an interior web that games to fish anything out of your mouth only to achieve the validation towards your illusional goals,

it starts slowly by suppressing the consciousness within and tricking the pool of lust seeking any means necessary, to get the job done,

Such addictions of substances tends to use the focus and its all source of energy within by draining from the other resources of our mind that requires the energy to maintain certain amount of balance in the whole body to operate in harmony,

Once that energy is misplaced,

The chaos to seek balance begins and mind radiates toward any means necessary to get the attention it desperately requires to seek help,

Where all hell breaks loose and manipulation becomes the reality of your manifestation in every day of your life (Truth of your life, ends up becoming the biggest lie).