Happiness and joy is just an illusion

We are here to balance the suffering in life,

Life is not about joy at all,

There is challenge in every step that do not go hand in hand with joy,

Life is all about suffering, the more suffering comes in the form of challenges the more humble we become in everyday of our lives,

It’s not just about experience,

It is about earning Grace,

Unnecessary drama is what creates misery, especially when people want to live their own perception of truth than it causes issues and leads to chaos,

But when people embrace the universal truth than things become much simpler,

Suffering is what makes you go beyond as it teaches you the importance of life, and also the meaning of struggles that comes with it,

Happiness is just an illusion,thing is, people do not want to hear or embrace this universal truth,

That’s why old age comes to us, as it brings more challenge and sufferings in our lives to help us understand as why we die in old age while suffering or we die in any age it is in some form of suffering,

Right from our childhood, we begin to understand that every step in life is all about balance and nothing else,

Yet we always try to reach skies rather than try to walk on the ground,

We seek escape to run away from struggles and create an illusion of happiness around until the bubble burst and everything falls apart,

Rather than embracing the reality, we get up again and try to reach more heights, as if the fall wasn’t enough of a lesson to help us understand that being ordinary is far being superior than trying to become extraordinary,

Suffering is something that we shouldn’t be running away from, it is something that we need to embrace it and balance upon,

Otherwise the more we run from it, the more it will chase us,

There is nothing any of us can do about it,

This is how it has always been, it is also how it all began and how it has been destined to end,

That’s why we shouldn’t go beyond our means, as the end result will not be any different,

No matter what we do, one cannot change the inevitable and those who tried they ended up in a tomb(under the pyramids) with the same faith, just for us to see and realize,

But do we ever learn from our mistakes or have we so far,

Simply put, Life is an art of suffering, how we express it, as to how it is going to be reflected upon.

Being selfless

Is it really so hard to be selfless or is it the fear of being taken advantage of, that makes human’s despise their innocence,

We as new borns are never afraid to show how needy we are, but as we grow older, all we human’s do is play the game of hide and seek only to hide our true emotions that resides within in the form of genuine expressions,

It is nothing but the misconception of a human mind with the icing of men made perception that make us human’s a slave of our insecurities in the manner of fear itself,

Otherwise living selfless is not only the best but also the most high form of freedom of expression that exists on this planet,

Take a look at our planet, it is the most selfless essence in existence,

From water to food, every basic survival is selflessly available for us humans to thrive upon,

Yet we still do not choose to learn a single thing from our planet and it’s environment,

Being selfless do not means to give everything away, it only means not to keep extra that do not belongs to be kept and withhold by you in terms of money and resources that most people use it as a form of luxury to run away from struggles in life,

Life in general is not about being happy or to be in joy all the time, it is about struggles to seek balance within each passing moment,

Happiness is just an illusion that only exists in the life of those who constantly ignore the harsh reality of others around by hiding behind their comfort zone that they had build upon other people’s time and hard work.

Living selflessly is the only way we can help ourselves awakened from the life of a comfort zone that society has always focused to brainwash every newborn who has been brought up on this planet irrespective of the timezone they have lived,

If we do not challenge the materialistic life we allow ourselves to get used to, than all we are doing is wasting our time on this planet that is given for a reason which is tied to a specific purpose based on the realm of the eternity,

What we do in the now and how, is what follows us in the forever and hereafter,

Whether we agree with it or not, if we exist in the now than we cannot deny the fact that it is heading somewhere and with it, so are we.

Your flaws are your real beauty

Your flaws is what you truly are made of,

They define your innocence within,

Getting rid of them or hiding them is like hiding and seeking escape from yourself completely (unless if you are overweight by choice than it not a flaw but if you use a lot of makeup or cosmetic to change your appearance to seek fake validation),

Or changing them into perfection is equal to loosing yourself entirely in the process of it,

What will be left after that is an object of obsession in the illusion of perfection,

It is all there will be and nothing of yourself will survive or cease to exist anymore,

Even your own image will became alienated towards your own reflection,

Be careful of your unrealistic desires that can lead to isolation from within,

It is better to be isolated by the world around you than to be isolated by your own reflection,

You might win the world temporarily by getting of your rid of your flaws but you can permanently be empty by alienating yourself entirely from your own essence within,

Such a life is like an empty shell that awaits for its lost pearl to be found that never existed to begin with.

The Portal

The essence of the soul comes from the portal of innocence, it is truly where the art within can express itself in the manner of selflessness,

Something meaningful to think about in every day and walk of our lives, before turning thoughts into action,

Our thoughts are the absolute reflection of our intentions.

What is a true meaning of marriage

In today’s day and age marriage has become nothing but the worst joke in the history of mankind,

It has become a contract between two people based on looks,money and or status,

In reality, where looks fade away, money can come and go without any notification and status keeps on pushing only to make things more harder to cope up with the pace of undying expectations in society,

Initially the concept of marriage was based on to seek the only soul that is truly your mate, where in the presence of each other, the soulmate feels the whole universe is aligning into harmony around their existence,

In order to find his mate, a man must travel far and beyond his limitations to seek her and accept the challenge to never give up on her once he finds her and sticks to his purpose of realizing the fact that he exists because of her to bring balance in each other’s life, irrespective of the fact as to what she does and how tough it can be, he must not give up on her at his end until he unites with his mate,

Contrary to today’s man’s who have forgotten their place and lost their entire purpose of existence by controlling women and demanding them to surrender their freedom and freewill,

Outcome has made women of today’s into a most brutal and non monogamous being on the planet,

It is a consequence of the suppression created by insecure man’s to control their women’s desire rather than winning the heart of their mate, instead man’s became the alternate version of women’s persona themselves,

Man’s are suppose to be the symbol of grace and they went the other way around entirely, by destroying the true meaning of masculinity in the process of it,

This is why marriages are failing today, as it is about compatibility based contract rather than a soulful connect where two people become inseparable no matter where in life they end up, soulmates never give up on each other once they truly embrace the nature of their existence,

When soulmate deny each other’s role in their lives, it is where things that are meant to happen do not end up happening because of the abuse of our freewill followed by the irrational choices of collecting all the financial securities and neglecting the only factor that matters the most,

Which is the harmony that can only sustain if they try to seek and embrace the connection between each other in the form of soulful marriage,

It is a sheer recipe of chaos and horror when people marry for security reasons based solely upon fear and status and not their true mates who they are meant to be with,

Than how can human species be able to evolve if the path of moving forward towards growth and evolution is completely dependent upon the illusion of unrealistic concept that goes against the existence of the universal principle of balance itself,

When humans march against the process of harmony and balance than the world becomes a living nightmare, where marriage among human’s is all about business of selling each other’s essence in exchange of coins that can only last for so long.

Problem with today’s women

Problem with today’s modern women in majority is , that they are too needy in what they desire,

When they see man’s acting needy like them, they start to despise them because it is their own reflection in the neediness of man’s that they cannot accept,

Man’s are only seeking unconditional love from their partners and what they get in return is conditions and an ungrateful attitude from their ladies,

It is where they loose hope and are falling apart,

Social media is not responsible for this attitude of today’s modern women, it is their inner greed of materialism that has exposed the true nature of women in general, society being the first culprit definitely has always hard wired women to look for security first,

Man’s can only help them if they are sincere enough to receive the help they need,

However it has all become about monkey branching by trying to find that one perfect man, a prince charming with lots of resources and materialism, as if other man’s with less resources have no identity of their own,

There is no ounce of faith and integrity in today’s modern and independent women anymore, since they are trying to compete with the man’s masculinity in some delusional manner,

When in real feminity in it’s own organic manner is way superior than masculinity can ever be,

Toxic masculinity in previous generation of man’s have definitely contributed to this mess of women’s behavior in today’s society,

However this tit for tat mentality in both genders have taken this culture of narcissism onto a another level,

And man’s in general are becoming the causality out of it, since they are taking the unethical route of suicide by killing themselves, as they cannot come to the terms of understanding that how come women can be so cruel, cold and brutal in nature,

Marijuana is definitely playing an integral part by allowing women to shut their emotions off and become stoned to the extent of not listening to their inner conscious amymore,

It is what has been breaking the relationship of soulmates apart besides the conditional marriage where people marry based on the fake perception of the compatibility culture which always ends up breaking apart on the grounds of expectations that never gets fulfilled,

Women need to wake up before it’s too late for them to, since time has never been in favour of anyone,

If this culture of drugs, greed and materialism keep going forward with its brutality, than we are sure headed for doom and recovery will not be an option anymore without a major catastrophe.

Never let go of it

Never give up and never go let of attachments that makes you feel vulnerable and anxious,

They make you feel in such a manner is because these attachments are here to help you understand more about yourself,

As to where in yourself you need work upon, towards the balance that you lack within,

There are lots of misinformation out there that says , let go of it (the attachment to soulmate)

if you do that it comes back to haunt you down,

it is nothing but the worst advice ever,

If you let go of it, that means you will start all over again,

It certainly does not means that you have to enslave yourself by not letting it go,

All you have to do is find balance in between and hold onto it by trying not to detach yourself from it,

Giving up on your soulmates just because they come with a challenge is giving up on yourself completely,

It is where the real breakdown begins as you try to detach yourself from someone whose existence have introduced the meaning of completion itself in your life to begin with,

Such a feeling is a gift in it’s own manner that you do not get to feel from anyone and everyone,

It’s our fear within that tells us to have it all or nothing,

And that is not how the universal balance operates upon,

So hold onto the connections of your soulmate, no matter what and celebrate their existence,

Hopefully your mate will realize it and become one with you,

And if not than stick to the feeling that brought true purpose in life which you had always been seeking for.

Toxic Friends

Toxic friends will always be the problem in your life,

Since you do not allow your own inner guidance to help you through in life,

Your so called friends will always destroy any harmony that will come your way as you allow them to do so,

In today’s time the meaning of friendship circle is all about how lost the whole circle can become by misguiding each other to the extent of point of no return,

The world is cruel, but that doesn’t mean that you have to add more cruelty to it,

Yet, all these majority of friendship circle is destroying whatever peace is left in the name of consuming drugs, alcohol and hell bent on eliminating any form of peace within that is trying to help them, by rebelling against the process (consciousness) of inner guidance to begin with,

You cannot save those who are not interested to be saved,

If they are hell bent on destroying themselves than there is nothing you can do about it,

Even if your own soulmate is involved in it,

Infront of freewill every thing on this planet is helpless,

Thing about path to destruction is, it can only be stopped by the same people who are walking upon it,

Toxic friends appears to be the most reliable people in your lives, as long as they have something to benefit from you, they will stand by your side,

These kind of friendship can be formed from a childhood circle of friendship and it gains speed into individuals lives due to the pressure and expectation culture of society, where the individuals seek escape in loosing their own heritage and identity through substance abuse,

Society is setting up these individual and groups of friends to self destruct themselves in the manner of rebellion mindset and these toxic individual friendship towards each other is leaving no stone unturned to make that come true,

From drug culture to rebellion songs, whatever these lost people insert within them is what they put out in the universe to reflect back upon themselves and when it does reflects back on them, they seek escape instead of confronting themselves and realizing that they are the part of the problem and their narrow vision of seeking materialism as an ultimate goal in life is nothing but an illusion which will lead them to the point of life that will become hard in each passing day when they grow older and older,

Hope is, that these individuals wake up from their nightmare path by embracing the harmony within which attracts them to their soulmate who will not only bring balance in their life but a guidance to walk upon it as well,

Otherwise the vicious circle of doom will keep on repeating itself and these individuals will carry on destroying themselves in the name of friendship that serves nothing but invites a life long misery in the manner of temporary comfort that is based upon nothing but a ground which is full of illusions.

How to be an opportunity for others

life is not about ignoring people, life is about accepting the challenge that people come with a baggage and intention of using you but you be graceful and let them use you to their benefit,

Once karma reflects, the user will be awakened and you are here in that position to let them use you for a purpose of enlightening them,

Meaning you are a helping hand in the universe,

Let them use you to a certain point as much as you can afford to provide them with the leisure of it, just do not go overboard upon it either by giving away everything financially,

If we keep such users (including our loved and beloved ones) away from ourselves than we will not evolve as they won’t wake up due to that,

Someone has to use someone to realize their unbalanced path, they are walking upon,

Universe allows us to use its resources so that we can understand the meaning of gratitude which humbles us down to the level of grounding ourselves with appreciation,

That is how we grow and evolve into a being, but to become human we must learn from the ethics of universe and be there for others to utilize us, in order for them to find their innocence within themselves and realize that sharing is the key towards the solution of all our problems,

From here onwards how we intend to carry it further is where our peace awaits in the form of balance itself.

Why soulmate exists

Soulmate is all about universe aligning you with your mate that we all choose before coming to this planet,

If your soulmate let’s you down, is upon them not on you,

You stick to your course of what and who you choose as a soulmate that’s all that matter’s, by not giving up on your mate,

In this whole energetic level of this planet,

Soulmate cannot be a mate to your own soul,

Coz that’s what human’s has been doing ignoring the reality and trying to find the mate within them,

Sorry, it takes 2 to complete each other that’s why harmony is generated in the form of peace,

Which is the process of balance,

Marrying folks that are not your soulmate is why people live shallow lives and have a hollow within them, despite they have everything materialistic in their lives they desire except for peace,

This is our journey to find soulmate and today’s time they meet and depart as one of them is busy chasing thrills and materialism,

Its is the worst time on this planet where one of the other mate completely denies in the concept of soulmate entirely,

What worse can it be than this,

Prayer is that the one in denials, wake up and see as to what they are about to loose in their journey if they respect of what they have infront of them as a soulmate,

That is if they have found each other and allowing themselves to listen to their essence within them, who never misguides you but speaks to you through universal signs and feelings that this is the one,

Soulmates are not perfect, they are soulmates because they balance each other’s strength and weaknesses in the manner of intelligence and intellect as One.