You body looses it’s natural born alarm of sensitivity to warn you about the virus due to smoking and drinking,

Corona is spreading through airborne and a balance immune warns you right away through the signal of cough regarding the presence of virus in the air while being in the indoor environment,

The moment you cough, it is your body warning you to leave and get out of indoor,as it fighting back the virus in order to not get compromised,

However if you do not have a balanced immune system than you allow the virus to take over absence warning,

Stay outdoor and stay away from smoking, alcohol and red meat except for goat meat that is considered a lean red meat which can be consumed a little bit and so same goes for chicken and fish in moderation,

Any other animal meat will further damage the immune system as it already has been doing even before the pandemic,

Stay in balance by consuming healthy diet and chances are that you can survive this pandemic without the fear of being compromised by it.

Sushant Singh Rajput

Is he going to get justice, that’s what everyone is after but no one questions the timing of his murder,

Why was he targeted in a pandemic of a virus?

What is a pandemic, an excuse to murder all unwanted people who are burden on the system of the whole world, so basically pandemic is a created opportunity to kill old folks who are costly to the medical system worldwide,

Also an excuse to murder all those who plays no benefit in the 21st century and to those who can be harmful towards the Artificial intelligence takeover plan for future which requires an excuse like pandemic to over by creating a huge gap in an Economy that is dependent only on human hand so far,

Are we that primitive and naive as to not see why and how we react in situations that has been long studied by these so called elites who control the world and they keep on maneuvering it in any direction that suits their plan of worldwide slavery,

Pandemic killed many in India on purpose under the regime of Indian government, and is still killing but for that purpose there will be outrage to follow upon,

Distract and execute is an old method to plan things on a global scale in every part of the world,

Where they look for psychological Play to carry out their ongoing execution,

Sushant was murdered coz the government needed distraction to move forward, he was a decent soul who seeked balanced approach to life and being a public figure made him an easy target to create distraction in the plan of a mass murder event and artificial intelligence take over in the name of so called pandemic,

Where paranoia is the best weapon as a back up plan to successful execution, just incase if pandemic slows the death rate down worldwide,

Same is the case with black lives matter that is being used during pandemic for the sole purpose of distraction, only to get things done for what purpose the virus itself was created for,

No virus exists without a cure, but it will only be truly available when these elites decides,

However what these elites do not know is that their days are numbered coz universe has begun to wrap things up, bunkers and another planet will not save them anymore,

In all this Sushant was used for distraction and so was George floyd, it was well planned in advance long ago, with back up plans in place,

When are we going to wake up in a collective manner to realize that we live in an organized slavery of matrix between elites and feminism that is sucking our time by the choice of our own weakness which creates a tool of mechanism for them to treat us like puppets,

We are already living under the regime of One world government who knows and understand how the human psychology will react in most particular situation created solely for to advance their agenda,

Just like throw a bone infront of a dog or a sugar infront of the ants, the reaction is always predictable isn’t it,

Everyone says look at the bigger picture but how many do actually even try to look at or even care about it.

What is self love

Self love is not about treating yourself with goodies,

It is more about how you treat others around you in the reflection of your own,

These days the propaganda of self love is all about taking care of yourself, which ends up resulting in high spending of our time and money, fooling ourselves that we are taking the best care of our time,

And how, by spending into materialism, yet in the end the boredom still stays intact isn’t it after all the efforts,

Simply because we don’t invest into what universe is asking us to do, which is to elevate people around us, help them to communicate with ease between their heart and mind,

As when the confusion arises the balance between the two flips upside down and the ethical process of harmony is thrown away like it’s existence in life can only be sustained through the lens of materialism,

But in true sense, peace is where we all belong, even if we have nothing in our pocket to rely upon,

As long as there is the notion of not giving up on each other as a soulmate connection and also the soulful connection which is the general equation of humanity in the form of balance,

Universal signs will always guide us towards what the actual self love is all about, only if we truly pay attention and respect of what is coming our way and why, rather than temporarily using it to our benefit and throwing it away,

It is where the sense of self love truly begins to get corrupted.

Published my book today

After going through editing as best I could, it is not my book per say as it got penned down by the reflection of everything that exists,

Finally the book is published and is live, will be free for the next 5 days starting tomorrow

Hopefully it can help as many people as possible, even if it helps one person in all its course it’s a start.

Something is better than nothing

Celebrate the truth of your loved ones with harmony,

And celebrate their lies and betrayals with grace,

Or would you rather choose to celebrate nothing at all,

Where there is no one that has a meaning of existence in your life to begin with,

We let things fall down in our lives because we start to take the loved ones in our lives for granted,

Hence we end up with nothing but ourselves who has no clue what life is all about,

Because all we had done is look upto other people’s success rather than their failures,

We have a tendency to focus on presentation but not the process that goes behind it,

What universe goes through to provide us the oxygen(every second of our lives)in the form of harmony is beyond the imagintion of a human mind,

And yet we still find ways to brag and complain about life by taking everything that exist for granted,

Respect what you have or regret when it wont be around there anymore.

The black hole

Space is a vast shadow of darkness,

When a dust appears in the form of grace out of nowhere

Suddenly all the energy of the darkness and its purpose of existence becomes all about the existence of dust itself,

Darkness becomes helpless infront of its grace,

It starts to revolve around it in circles,

As if it had been waiting for ages to seek a connection in the manner of hope,

To evolve further into the enigma of it’s own reflection,

It starts to circle around trying to produce the harmony of life within,

Where freewill thrives in the form of unlimited expressions,

Dwelling deeper , struggling to form a balance within,

For the connection to remain stable in a constant manner only to thrive without the fear of loosing it all at once,

Hence the shape of planets took place and nature of beings were birthed in it,

We humans are one example of it, out of many living being on this planet,

Though our nature of survival will always stay the same as the energy from which we are generated from,

Which is to seek hope in the form of grace itself through the notion of balance that revolves around in the manner of harmony,

We need to seek within and understand that on individual and collective level,

What happens to us in life, happens for a reason,

What comes to us, is there because we had been seeking it all our lives,

Which person comes to us in the graceful manner just to share their grace with us by being a part of our lives,

Is an eternal gift in the form of harmony itself,

Whether we embrace it or not based on mutual affection is a choice of the freewill that we carry within,

An ocean of water is a like a metaphor of a dark space where an appearance of just a single living being breathes life into it,

Hoping for multiplication in the manner of replication,

Or take a dark forest where the birth of very first little species is how the rhythm of life began to form and thrive on this planet,

Which is connected to one little beat of life itself, the heart beat,

Where every second is an eternal moment of a never ending beginning,

How we shape our eternity resides on how much grace we are willing to share among each other,

Given the appearance in the form of connect in every single moment of our lives,

So try to be graceful,

As Grace is ,where it all began and it is where it all will end,

How disasociate and disconnect of a being have we turned ourselves into, that when grace itself appears and knocks on our door, we do not welcome or embrace it with open arms,

Since we are so deeply invested by self dwelling ourselves into the extremes of our day to day struggles just to have bread and butter on our table,

That we have forgotten the meaning of life itself in the due process of it.


From centuries we seek the answer of when the antichrist will appear and who is it,

Never once we ever tried looking into the mirror of our own image to seek the answer to such a relevance ,

Communities all over the globe kill in the name of creator by taking the matter of justice into their own hands , like the punishment of death,

those who had crucified Jesus

but also those who had always blindly followed them and are still doing so ,

However , If we ever did tried to look within ,

We wouldn’t had to wait this long to realise

That we are the Antichrist ourselves,

The sarcasm here in all this is , that

antichrist is looking for antichrist itself ,

It says it all , isn’t it ,

When you try to make a joke out of Karma ( the universal ethics )

You eventually do become the pun of your own joke ,

Law of universe is , when you kill someone than you also take away the responsibility of that soul upon yourself ,

Hence the responsibility of Jesus Christ lies on the should of Antichrist itself ,

So when he (Jesus) returns , it will not be a miracle of any kind , meaning that people (The antichrist) need to start taking up responsibility for themselves ( their own mess ) individually and collectively as a society on daily basis ,

No matter of how prolonged the accountability will be of such doings , it’s how the karma operates,

It is better to start today than tomorrow, coz

Today is given , where tomorrow needs to be earned ,

Or keep on looking for the Antichrist , anywhere and everywhere but it will always be us ,

Like it or not we did this to ourselves.


Why are we afraid of snakes ,

Have you taken a closer look at them ,

They are just like babies ,

A little mischievous,

And everywhere around ,

Seeking motivation to grow ,

With no fear on sight,

Hurting or hating them intentionally is like hurting little babies,

Any species that bites humans in a small manner ,

Is coz they seek connection,

And it is the only way they can ,

That is the only medium of communication they have ,

So why do they do it ,

Because our physical form is evolved through their existence , be it a lion or a lamb , an eagle or fish , a brid or a warm , a monkey or a rabbit, a mosquito or a spider , their energy resides in all humans ,

These animals have been here before mankind, isn’t that enough to respect their rights ,

And all they need is love just like us all humans ,

Known to us as life itself ,

In Every passing moment,

The limited human perception has always been based on fear rather than embracing facts ,

Which is why we are taking centuries to evolve as human race ,

Respecting all other species is their birth right more so than us humans .