You body looses it’s natural born alarm of sensitivity to warn you about the virus due to smoking and drinking,

Corona is spreading through airborne and a balance immune warns you right away through the signal of cough regarding the presence of virus in the air while being in the indoor environment,

The moment you cough, it is your body warning you to leave and get out of indoor,as it fighting back the virus in order to not get compromised,

However if you do not have a balanced immune system than you allow the virus to take over absence warning,

Stay outdoor and stay away from smoking, alcohol and red meat except for goat meat that is considered a lean red meat which can be consumed a little bit and so same goes for chicken and fish in moderation,

Any other animal meat will further damage the immune system as it already has been doing even before the pandemic,

Stay in balance by consuming healthy diet and chances are that you can survive this pandemic without the fear of being compromised by it.

Sushant Singh Rajput

Is he going to get justice, that’s what everyone is after but no one questions the timing of his murder,

Why was he targeted in a pandemic of a virus?

What is a pandemic, an excuse to murder all unwanted people who are burden on the system of the whole world, so basically pandemic is a created opportunity to kill old folks who are costly to the medical system worldwide,

Also an excuse to murder all those who plays no benefit in the 21st century and to those who can be harmful towards the Artificial intelligence takeover plan for future which requires an excuse like pandemic to over by creating a huge gap in an Economy that is dependent only on human hand so far,

Are we that primitive and naive as to not see why and how we react in situations that has been long studied by these so called elites who control the world and they keep on maneuvering it in any direction that suits their plan of worldwide slavery,

Pandemic killed many in India on purpose under the regime of Indian government, and is still killing but for that purpose there will be outrage to follow upon,

Distract and execute is an old method to plan things on a global scale in every part of the world,

Where they look for psychological Play to carry out their ongoing execution,

Sushant was murdered coz the government needed distraction to move forward, he was a decent soul who seeked balanced approach to life and being a public figure made him an easy target to create distraction in the plan of a mass murder event and artificial intelligence take over in the name of so called pandemic,

Where paranoia is the best weapon as a back up plan to successful execution, just incase if pandemic slows the death rate down worldwide,

Same is the case with black lives matter that is being used during pandemic for the sole purpose of distraction, only to get things done for what purpose the virus itself was created for,

No virus exists without a cure, but it will only be truly available when these elites decides,

However what these elites do not know is that their days are numbered coz universe has begun to wrap things up, bunkers and another planet will not save them anymore,

In all this Sushant was used for distraction and so was George floyd, it was well planned in advance long ago, with back up plans in place,

When are we going to wake up in a collective manner to realize that we live in an organized slavery of matrix between elites and feminism that is sucking our time by the choice of our own weakness which creates a tool of mechanism for them to treat us like puppets,

We are already living under the regime of One world government who knows and understand how the human psychology will react in most particular situation created solely for to advance their agenda,

Just like throw a bone infront of a dog or a sugar infront of the ants, the reaction is always predictable isn’t it,

Everyone says look at the bigger picture but how many do actually even try to look at or even care about it.

Move on

One can simply put and say It clearly to those who judge

That , I do not have time to waste time judging you , as I am busy loving the fact that you exist,

To judgemental people all over the globe ,

you do your thing and I do mine ,

My peace is , in sharing the grace with you that I earn with each passing moment by existing among you ,

What you do with it , is your freewill and the choice of your own expression that comes with it .

The empty shell

What’s the point of making a person starv,

When you can feel it’s craving ,

While you craving for it as well ,

Is it the power or the play that lingers beneath that ego,

Question is ,

How long the play will survive ,

Perhaps As the long as the host can hold upto it ,

But when it’s done and or cease to exist ,

Than what ,

Another host and another game ,

Same old play book ,

The empty shell ,

And what of the host ( the shell itself ),

Does anyone care to ask,

In all this play ,

where does it’s pearl belongs .

Current state of affairs

No matter what you do ,

Irrespective of how much efforts you put in,

When it comes to faithfulness ,

It will never be there for you,

This is how we as humans are at our current stage ,

We as self centered species ,

Only care about our wants ,

And how we sell it to ourselves to fulfill them , on the cost of all others around us ,

Such a notion is nothing but a joke towards our own reasoning for existence ,

Since we have chosen to live it this way ,

Than so be it ,

We will have everything except for the balance in our lives

And without it , there is no ounce of a peace that can reside within,

All the very best, to this generation for their unethical practices and being proud about it ,

As if , it is a lifetime achievement of some kind ,

Yet , when to cherish, it will all be like a sand in the palms , that only knows how to slip out of it ,

Regardless of how hard you will try ,

The end result will always be the same.

Code of conduct

The sincerity of any product is as important as the buyer itself is ,

Otherwise, the buyer is left in the ashes that flames around it ,

That only hurts the product in long term for being sold more than it’s worth,

If it doesn’t last long as promised , than it is not worth the effort ,

Business and Ethics go hand in hand .