You body looses it’s natural born alarm of sensitivity to warn you about the virus due to smoking and drinking,

Corona is spreading through airborne and a balance immune warns you right away through the signal of cough regarding the presence of virus in the air while being in the indoor environment,

The moment you cough, it is your body warning you to leave and get out of indoor,as it fighting back the virus in order to not get compromised,

However if you do not have a balanced immune system than you allow the virus to take over absence warning,

Stay outdoor and stay away from smoking, alcohol and red meat except for goat meat that is considered a lean red meat which can be consumed a little bit and so same goes for chicken and fish in moderation,

Any other animal meat will further damage the immune system as it already has been doing even before the pandemic,

Stay in balance by consuming healthy diet and chances are that you can survive this pandemic without the fear of being compromised by it.


How long are we going to ignore the connection that we feel within ourselves towards the opposite sex ,

Based on their background, culture, ethnicity,

That magnet within us ,

Which attracts a woman to a man ,

But somehow the notion gets self rejected based on the fake perception of financial security,

Good looks, religion, status and fame ,

These are all the traits of brainwashing that we play upon ourselves and pride fully allow it to do so by spreading it towards our children,

When are we going to stop and take a pause to realize that we take everything in front of us for granted ,

Like it doesn’t exist,

Opposite cultures are meant to attract each other ,

And not the other way around ,

We are here to mix and finally evolve out of race perception , and its burden that we had been carrying around for centuries,

Don’t you think its high time to wake up and embrace what is in front of us ,

Without any fear and sense of insecurities ,

Try not to allow yourself be brainwashed ,

that ends up and keeps you away from what you had been seeking all along ,

Be it a short term or long term ,

If you won’t try , than you won’t feel the harmony that comes with it ,

And if that’s not what we are living for ,

Than what else is around besides each other ,

The existence of the soul is neither defined nor it is limited to the physical perception of the beings that hold it within ,

It will find it’s way to bond us into one another through the laws of attraction.