You body looses it’s natural born alarm of sensitivity to warn you about the virus due to smoking and drinking,

Corona is spreading through airborne and a balance immune warns you right away through the signal of cough regarding the presence of virus in the air while being in the indoor environment,

The moment you cough, it is your body warning you to leave and get out of indoor,as it fighting back the virus in order to not get compromised,

However if you do not have a balanced immune system than you allow the virus to take over absence warning,

Stay outdoor and stay away from smoking, alcohol and red meat except for goat meat that is considered a lean red meat which can be consumed a little bit and so same goes for chicken and fish in moderation,

Any other animal meat will further damage the immune system as it already has been doing even before the pandemic,

Stay in balance by consuming healthy diet and chances are that you can survive this pandemic without the fear of being compromised by it.


The concept of Capitalism is a definition of a scam towards the means of sustaining it’s own infrastructure,

Where everyone involve is out spending their resources for a quick slice of life,

Only to be bailed out later on through the tax payers money in the days of recession,

Funny thing is people are very well aware of it , that it is an entrapment , atleast for majority of them ,

and yet they still go for it ,

Than why blame the capitalists,

When it is you , who are responsible for such a scam to thrive in the society,

And for what, a so called security and comfort that cannot be guaranteed,

Thing is ,

The deeper we dig our own graves ,

The harder the fall will be.


Satisfaction outnumbers the competition of looks , fame and fortune,

Than why bother running after them ,

Looks fade ,

Fame is rusty


Fortune melts away ,

If you are not good at giving it hard than nothing else matters,

Besides good looks are a perceptive trade among feminity ,

Where it is Not required as an ultimatum for masculinity .

Corporate culture

Using donations money and profit via interests upon it ,

Cashing on a disastrous situations,

That is what corporate world is all about,

Making money from people’s grave ,

And even off their corpses,

What’s next , try to sell the memories of the deceased ones for profitability ,

Perhaps even put some insurance upon it , for copyright purposes,

Corporates and insurance companies are dictating the lives billions of people all over the globe ,

And the very same people knows all too well to not do anything about it ,

Corporates Creating a catastrophe at one hand and cashing it on another,

Same old drama with different angles ,

This time women are their prime weapon on the front end,

Against the males struggle toward the freedom of their unlimited fertlity,

After all those centuries of escalating Animosity amongst each other ,

They sure did save the best battle for the last ,

Meaning of corporate is very clear than , for the people and more of it by the people,

Who loves to be ruled by their unbalanced desires,

In order to just seek an excuse for a escape from the accountability itself.

The drama between the two genders

Males are direct and straight forward ,

Women on the other are always indirect ,

Why ,

Coz they love to shit test guys ,

That is , If he can actually take their drama and play along or will fall out ,

And that’s a test that mostly guys pass ,

Since they struggle with concept of masculinity in today’s day and age ,

For those ( males ) who fail the stupid test and lack materialism on top of it

Are most likely going to end up alone,

Perhaps more often in the strip clubs,

Where some touch of passion can be felt as long as their pocket stays warm ,

After that it’s a long and lonely road that never ends .

Code of conduct

The sincerity of any product is as important as the buyer itself is ,

Otherwise, the buyer is left in the ashes that flames around it ,

That only hurts the product in long term for being sold more than it’s worth,

If it doesn’t last long as promised , than it is not worth the effort ,

Business and Ethics go hand in hand .