Toxic Friends

Toxic friends will always be the problem in your life,

Since you do not allow your own inner guidance to help you through in life,

Your so called friends will always destroy any harmony that will come your way as you allow them to do so,

In today’s time the meaning of friendship circle is all about how lost the whole circle can become by misguiding each other to the extent of point of no return,

The world is cruel, but that doesn’t mean that you have to add more cruelty to it,

Yet, all these majority of friendship circle is destroying whatever peace is left in the name of consuming drugs, alcohol and hell bent on eliminating any form of peace within that is trying to help them, by rebelling against the process (consciousness) of inner guidance to begin with,

You cannot save those who are not interested to be saved,

If they are hell bent on destroying themselves than there is nothing you can do about it,

Even if your own soulmate is involved in it,

Infront of freewill every thing on this planet is helpless,

Thing about path to destruction is, it can only be stopped by the same people who are walking upon it,

Toxic friends appears to be the most reliable people in your lives, as long as they have something to benefit from you, they will stand by your side,

These kind of friendship can be formed from a childhood circle of friendship and it gains speed into individuals lives due to the pressure and expectation culture of society, where the individuals seek escape in loosing their own heritage and identity through substance abuse,

Society is setting up these individual and groups of friends to self destruct themselves in the manner of rebellion mindset and these toxic individual friendship towards each other is leaving no stone unturned to make that come true,

From drug culture to rebellion songs, whatever these lost people insert within them is what they put out in the universe to reflect back upon themselves and when it does reflects back on them, they seek escape instead of confronting themselves and realizing that they are the part of the problem and their narrow vision of seeking materialism as an ultimate goal in life is nothing but an illusion which will lead them to the point of life that will become hard in each passing day when they grow older and older,

Hope is, that these individuals wake up from their nightmare path by embracing the harmony within which attracts them to their soulmate who will not only bring balance in their life but a guidance to walk upon it as well,

Otherwise the vicious circle of doom will keep on repeating itself and these individuals will carry on destroying themselves in the name of friendship that serves nothing but invites a life long misery in the manner of temporary comfort that is based upon nothing but a ground which is full of illusions.

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