How to be an opportunity for others

life is not about ignoring people, life is about accepting the challenge that people come with a baggage and intention of using you but you be graceful and let them use you to their benefit,

Once karma reflects, the user will be awakened and you are here in that position to let them use you for a purpose of enlightening them,

Meaning you are a helping hand in the universe,

Let them use you to a certain point as much as you can afford to provide them with the leisure of it, just do not go overboard upon it either by giving away everything financially,

If we keep such users (including our loved and beloved ones) away from ourselves than we will not evolve as they won’t wake up due to that,

Someone has to use someone to realize their unbalanced path, they are walking upon,

Universe allows us to use its resources so that we can understand the meaning of gratitude which humbles us down to the level of grounding ourselves with appreciation,

That is how we grow and evolve into a being, but to become human we must learn from the ethics of universe and be there for others to utilize us, in order for them to find their innocence within themselves and realize that sharing is the key towards the solution of all our problems,

From here onwards how we intend to carry it further is where our peace awaits in the form of balance itself.

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