Why soulmate exists

Soulmate is all about universe aligning you with your mate that we all choose before coming to this planet,

If your soulmate let’s you down, is upon them not on you,

You stick to your course of what and who you choose as a soulmate that’s all that matter’s, by not giving up on your mate,

In this whole energetic level of this planet,

Soulmate cannot be a mate to your own soul,

Coz that’s what human’s has been doing ignoring the reality and trying to find the mate within them,

Sorry, it takes 2 to complete each other that’s why harmony is generated in the form of peace,

Which is the process of balance,

Marrying folks that are not your soulmate is why people live shallow lives and have a hollow within them, despite they have everything materialistic in their lives they desire except for peace,

This is our journey to find soulmate and today’s time they meet and depart as one of them is busy chasing thrills and materialism,

Its is the worst time on this planet where one of the other mate completely denies in the concept of soulmate entirely,

What worse can it be than this,

Prayer is that the one in denials, wake up and see as to what they are about to loose in their journey if they respect of what they have infront of them as a soulmate,

That is if they have found each other and allowing themselves to listen to their essence within them, who never misguides you but speaks to you through universal signs and feelings that this is the one,

Soulmates are not perfect, they are soulmates because they balance each other’s strength and weaknesses in the manner of intelligence and intellect as One.

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