High on life or the unbalanced future

Being high in life is all about the process of it, by being in the moment and aligning oneself towards preserving the balance of universe,

Current society and their culture of expectation in today’s time is all about backward thinking that resides in the manner of insecurities all around us,

We are constantly chasing the easy way out by injecting drugs and substances in ourselves to unleash that high which we can do it organically by working upon from within without the abuse of substances,

Of course taking the organic way takes time to built that connection with the universe as it requires persistent walk to work on the route of universal ethics,

Where as men made ethics is all about chasing materialism, whether it is fast cars, diamonds or glitters of wealth that is built upon the sweat of others hard work and time, only to fulfil the unethical dreams of those who has decided to take departure from the reality itself, which amounts to attract boredom in their lives,

Household and education system of today’s both thrive upon suppression, constantly brainwashing the children through pressure and glitters of fake dreams that has nothing to do with inner peace and harmony,

Constantly under pressure young generation seeks drugs and find their solace within the substance abuse for the sake of their survival towards the high expectations of their parents,

Parents are more worried about their children watching porn rather than worrying about what they are injecting in themselves for survival,

And once the habit of substance prevails, the manipulation of seeking easy way settles down in the youth where they completely loose touch with universal ethics,

This is the future we are heading towards,

A future of lies, deceit and manipulation where survival will eventually come to a point of a stand still.

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