Inside the mind of an addict

The purpose of drug is to dilute the reality of your balance by playing mind games of delusion upon your existing reality,

It plays the rhythm of manipulation by dissecting into your persona for an easy sell to reach out your goals that you desire the most deep within(unrealistic desires that has nothing to do with harmony if fulfilled by unethical means),

Those unfulfilled desires tries to build a scam, plotting an interior web that games to fish anything out of your mouth only to achieve the validation towards your illusional goals,

it starts slowly by suppressing the consciousness within and tricking the pool of lust seeking any means necessary, to get the job done,

Such addictions of substances tends to use the focus and its all source of energy within by draining from the other resources of our mind that requires the energy to maintain certain amount of balance in the whole body to operate in harmony,

Once that energy is misplaced,

The chaos to seek balance begins and mind radiates toward any means necessary to get the attention it desperately requires to seek help,

Where all hell breaks loose and manipulation becomes the reality of your manifestation in every day of your life (Truth of your life, ends up becoming the biggest lie).

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