What is greed

Anything that you desire to have it for yourself entirely, turns a person greedy,

Take luxury for example,

Living a luxurious life is a manifestation of greed vs the simple life is all about sharing,

Wearing diamonds and golds or driving an expensive car like a jewellery is an act of being proud of your ego,

That only creates a distance between you and your essence(the distance between intelligence and the intellect itself),

Outcome is total absence from the connectivity of unconditional love(the source of balance itself in the form of struggles),

Such a detachment creates a wider gap in the society between people,

It is a perfect recipe to spread chaos among each other,

Greed is against any concept of sharing whatsoever, when it comes to survival of any kind,

The more we spread the virus of greed in our society,

The more we lose our true purpose of existence with it,

Which is to become One and stay persistent upon it by not allowing greedy detachment of any kind among ourselves to begin with,

There is no other solution toward it,

Than the path of simplicity itself.

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