Drugs and substance abuse

You are a coward , if you use drugs and abuse substances of any kind(marijuana, alcohol etc)to emotionally balance yourself,

All you are doing is running away from yourself and struggles in life that comes in the manner of hardship,Since you assume pain as a form of self inflicted misery,

Such unbalanced practice leads to irrational outcomes in your lives,

And it is no one but you who is completely responsible for it,

Any amount of grace knocks on your door,

You see that as a burden,

Why,because grace comes with a form of responsiblilty only to help you bring back to balance of life again,

And you see that as a curse to be back upon,

So, instead you decide to stay in the world of illusions by complete destroying yourself and the responsiblity of life that comes with it,

Such a notion is beyond any amount of shame,

By seeing your own existence as a curse or taking your own life is an outcome of nothing but a cowardish behavior, which does nothing but spreads around like a virus from one person to the other.

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