Everyone says he is an asshole , but no one takes time to explain, how it equates to every individual who acts like one ,

If chicks are dicks, man’s have own the title of asshole,

Those who truly are assholes in the manner of their actions are the ones that holds themselves high above others,

They think that they are true empaths and no one can understands and shares empathy like them ,

Well that’s a balony , as they are full of it ,

They act in kindness, but their true nature thrives on oppression upon others freewill,

They only understand the language of my way or the way highway ,

They will never committ to anything only for their selfish and self centered satisfaction , keeping others as an option by holding peoples time in limbo in the disguise of trust ,

Their way to play mind games is not to give you a straight forward answer, making your goals dependant upon their schedules,

Its a psychological game to always make others feel beneath them , so they can blame their failures on others rather than themselves ,

That is how they gain the sense of their achievement by being ungrateful to others for being kind to their cause , but when request them for some kindness, they showcase their ass,

All they care is nothing but themselves and will go to any length to justify their means because all they care about is being right all the time, it is their addiction to be self righteous ,

Now that’s a little about assholes by choice , sadly they are everywhere and in majority all over world .

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