The biggest entrapment of freewill is to put water into a bottle ,

Have we ever witness , nature entraping water ,

Water is a living entity and a major one as it is the source of life that thrives upon non stop motion ,

It is the combination of air and oxygen itself that we breathe into ,

Imagine ourselves as a ballon and the air that we draw within becomes trapped , not allowed to exhale anymore ,

Consequence will be the loss of life ,

So how about stopping the air completely in our solar system,

Result will be no life on the planet ,

It is this bad to trap ballon for selling purposes which is the happiest entity on the planet in the form of running motion ,

When we drink a bottled water or any trapped water, the energy in it , is depressed and confused,

Hence by consuming an entrapped water we act in the same manner by not calculating and nor realizing the consequence of it ,

buying the water means, we support the enslavement of water in a bottle , unless it needed for the purpose of travel , only then it makes more sense to keep in a bottle for the reaaon of survival on temporary basis,

In short we as humans are the culprit for so called luxury to be attained in our lives ,

And this gesture do not equates to freedom , it only enhances the system of slavery among us .

Quiet a catch 22 situation we always manage (love) to put ourselves into all the time, isn t it ,

For not being motivated to lead a simple life .

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