Evil eye

Does it even exist ,

Or is it the figment of our imagination ,

It simply is an excuse to get away from taking any responsibility of one’s doing by blaming it onto the other ,

Unable to explain and understand the accountability which we go through,

We seek the easy way out ,

The blame game ,

Let’s just say if there is such a thing as evil eye and if you haven’t done anything unethical ,

Than what are you afraid of , And for what ,

Any attack towards you will transform into a balance energy by the time it reaches you ,

By hallucinating into such thoughts and spreading the rumour around that a thing such as evil exists,

We humans are just spitting back at the struggles of the universe which has been working from centuries to have us breathe simply and easily on daily basis of our life,

Telling the universe that its system has a fault by breathing in the same environment,

Such an ungrateful notion leads to nowhere ,

But only self dwells further into the sink of a black hole .

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