Shallow beings

Universe treats everyone in the same manner ,

No matter how small or big you are ,

Thats why the level of oxygen in the form of air never create any distinguishing between the single one among the billions,

Everyone gets treated in balance and the same ,

Than Why we do treat everyone different in human world ,

we treat those with benefits more respect much like there is nothing like them ,

Is it because they have some resources that we acquire from them ,

Be it their talent , enigma or success , that follows fame and fortune,

Or is it that we are in such a self centered state that we only focus on what we want ,

In all this what of others around ,

Who are simply seeking your admiration , your presence , your intimacy to feel your aura and the essence of it ,

Do we give those a chance to explore a connection between us ,

Well most of the times , we see those simple folks an easy target to reap any benefits they have and walk away from them as quickly as possible,

For one , do we ever realize, that these simple folks are the one that are like flowers in the garden waiting to be just appreciated for their existence, only to share everything they have with you ,

Based on their sole admiration of your existence,

We in majority at most neglect that they even exist ,

And such notion only creates a hollow not in the whole atmosphere but within us ourselves ,

Making us a shallow being evey passing day ,

We ignore the only thing in life we seek for during our lifetime that is offered to us , which is grace, and we in our fury of wants taking that for granted,

So what do we make ourselves out of all of this at the end of our journey,

Beings who only live to reap benefits while they last

Or beings who lived only to share their essence while they are in existence with anyone who they come across based on mutual attraction of their existence and not their benefits,

By giving them an equal chance to connect and thrive with you,

Remember when you treat everyone equally,

You allow yourself to be open and in persistent to seek evolution from within and around ,

Combining every single moment that flows in abundant grace over each and every single thing ( be it a flower, a leaf , a small worm , a human, a tree or the whole mountain , or a small rock that sits on it ) that exist on the planet at one time

That is the definition of grace which evey human carries within them as a whole universe itself ,

Yet , when we treat each other unlike our true nature of existence,

All we do is create chaos in all corner of our planet,

Hence today we are actually living of what we have always created,

In a total absence humility,

Our limited perception created a culture of distinguishing between one and the other without even feeling and giving the chance to the neglected other that lacks the resources of our wants,

That’s ends in unnecessary suffering at the cost of our own precious time ,

And today we don’t even care to admit of such a notion within us ,

Than we look around at chaos and speak ,

What in the world is wrong with mankind,

But have you actually tried to look within yourself,

As to where the root of problem lies to begin with .

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