The state of denial

One of the most hilarious thought that people express is ,

The universe is a result of a co incident , a cosmic kind , and by keep on saying this to ourselves,

We ignore the very rational explanation of our existence by choice ,

Which is for starters , why the reflection of a blue sky ,

Instead of having an infinite nights ( who thought if we have a reflection of a blue sky that would help us to speak the language of hope amongst ourselves by having a beautiful day that transforms for us into a peaceful nights with respect to balance in a graceful manner ) ,

A true artist do not likes to be praised in order to cash out the glory , as we humans do ,

A true artist leaves it on the art to express it’s inner beauty itself by reflecting upon it from within,

Similarly , If you prefer to understand the deep connect of the forest than try gazing into the eye of dear or any other species,

You will connect more than the mind will ever be able to fully explain ( the language of soul ) ,

Or gaze a small sublet of the leaf that is the most loneliest and sophisticated of all , feel how it’s like to be completely helpless absence the freewill to move or even to express even a small moment on its own ,

Perhaps rock or mountain , that only understands the meaning of commitment ,

Or the surface of water stream that connects and stays connected to merge with the deepest ocean without any expectation, only to never stop the course of life itself,

In all this , there is only one language that the whole universe speaks in the form of balance ,

And that is infinite ( the unconditional) ,

So , as a courtesy to our expandable existence , shouldn’t we ask ourselves ,

as to What kind of an art are we , and to what purpose are we here for ,

If not simply to appreciate the existence of anything and everything,


do we stay in the state of denial about the sole existence of our artist itself,

By remaining not to choose to be an appreciative art ourselves.

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