Imagine living every second of your life in a loop for every single soul that has been touched by your essence,

And if that second turns into a span of lifetimes that you have to go through to witness the rippling effect of your actions , in the manner of multiplication ( from one soul to millions) in each of their lives by living through ,

surviving the results of your unbalanced energy that others around were affected by ,

That is known as the cycle of cosmic karma ,

If your actions has created unbalanced environment in the lives of many ,

Than you are liable to go through it all,

Burning in regression,

It is the true definition of Hell ,

which means going through everything and every effect that our choice impacted in our own life as well as others around ,

That sums upto thousands and even millions of lifespan,

Whether in balance or out of it ,

The concept of Hell simply exists is to burn you in the regret of your own actions with respect to its severity while your conscious is awake for eternity,

You will be unable to escape every single lifetime that comes with the accountability of it ,

It is like living in a never ending world of consequences with the infinite loop around it ,

Atleast that is how it will feel ,

Same goes for heaven , as to how many people have been able to achieve balance through your actions , you will reap the benefits of those rippling effect in a loop with hundreds and millions that has benefited through your presence and been able to balance their life through your input,

So , we need to decide ,

What kind of eternity , we are aiming towards,

Heaven or Hell,

It all depends on the course of our actions we take in every single moment with respect to balance ,

Everthing in universe starts and ends with accountability,

It is , what it is .

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