What is women ,

Women are the combination of everthing that exists on this planet,

A combination of harmony and grace that walks in the form of poetry,

Full of life and energy ,

A touch of a woman can make a man forget it’s own existence ,

Her smile makes him feel like his existense is worth something ,

Her kiss makes him come alive ,

Like he had never lived before,

Her sincerity brings a meaning to his life ,

Than why women of today are ditching their femininity by demanding respect in such an aggressive manner ,

Where man’s feels like their existence have become worthless to women all of a sudden ,

Is loosing femininity worth over the propaganda of feminism ,

Which is creating tension between the opposite sex ,

Has masculinity of some lost man’s been able to successfully compromise the whole feminine culture of women ,

Where cunningness has become the norm in daily course of our lives,

Most man’s will always seek unconditional love from women and if both the genders are reverting to animals for it by enslaving the freewill of their pets towards their own self centeredness ,

Than what purpose the meaning of life holds for all ,

Feminine energy comes across as polite and peaceful being that flows in the manner of harmony ,

Where ever it goes it brings a sense of joy with it .

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