Corporate culture

Using donations money and profit via interests upon it ,

Cashing on a disastrous situations,

That is what corporate world is all about,

Making money from people’s grave ,

And even off their corpses,

What’s next , try to sell the memories of the deceased ones for profitability ,

Perhaps even put some insurance upon it , for copyright purposes,

Corporates and insurance companies are dictating the lives billions of people all over the globe ,

And the very same people knows all too well to not do anything about it ,

Corporates Creating a catastrophe at one hand and cashing it on another,

Same old drama with different angles ,

This time women are their prime weapon on the front end,

Against the males struggle toward the freedom of their unlimited fertlity,

After all those centuries of escalating Animosity amongst each other ,

They sure did save the best battle for the last ,

Meaning of corporate is very clear than , for the people and more of it by the people,

Who loves to be ruled by their unbalanced desires,

In order to just seek an excuse for a escape from the accountability itself.

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