Male’s are not good at processing things at a pace that women are,

That’s why it takes centuries for mountains to built to a certain height ,

Where women as oceans are always processing non stop in a constantly flow,

Flipping and over lapping,

At a level of persistence that cannot be matched or kept up with , by any man,

That’ why women require balance in the form of mountains as man’s,

A Request to Ladies , give man’s sometime to process with the offer you approach them with ,

As they require a little extra time or sometimes a bit more, to handle your gracious pace that you carry within ,

Having said that , man’s are also not good at the waiting game either , just FYI

Ever wonder, why the ocean keeps on smashing on the rock with its level of persistency , and never cease to give up ,

Well , now you why ,

The more direct you are with man’s, the better it is , since man’s are not good reading , whether signs or clues , they might not understand it and take it that you are not interested,

For example you are attracted to and you feel the need to have sex with him , say it the way it is ,

Otherwise both will loose time and each other in the game of guessing ,

Man’s only understand directness , that’s how they are designed by nature .

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